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Welcome to Teuthis!

Teuthis is a tool intended to improve the efficiency with which computational scientists make use of computing resources, particularly high-performance computers. It is designed especially for the needs of astrophysical simulations, but any computational task that takes a set of input parameters from a file and runs noninteractively can be managed using Teuthis.

With Teuthis you can:

* Remotely configure and build applications from local source code
* Submit and track jobs on remote computing resources
* Painlessly schedule and track multiple restart jobs
* Stage and archive data on different machines
* Create large parameter studies with a few simple operations
* Organize job metadata by purpose and disposition
* Share calculation records with collaborators
* Use standard Grid tools for single signon authentication and third-party data transfers

Teuthis is open-source and available for download. The current version is 1.0-beta-1.

Teuthis is being developed by Paul Ricker. Development of Teuthis has been supported by the National Science Foundation and the State of Illinois through the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Cyberapplications and Communities Directorate.

Why "Teuthis?" The name is derived from the taxonomic category for squid, order Teuthida. Like a squid, Teuthis sends out many tentacles to manipulate objects at a distance.

Illinois NCSA

Paul Ricker