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Most recent stable release

We have not yet had a "stable" release. The current version is 1.0-beta-1 (see below).

Most recent development release

The current development release is 1.0-beta-1. No compilation is required, so this file should be suitable for use with all Unix platforms. A PKZip file version is also available for those who would like to try Teuthis on a Windows system.

Once you have downloaded the source package, please see the installation instructions to find out how to proceed.

If you find Teuthis useful, I would appreciate it if you could drop us a line (teuthis-feedback -at- ncsa -dot- uiuc -dot edu). Put the word "teuthis" in the subject line and tell us your name, your organization, your application area, the name or type of code you're running, and where you are running it (e.g., NCSA, SDSC, NERSC, etc.). This will help us to propose for funds to continue to maintain and improve Teuthis.

Older versions

Older versions will be available here once they exist.

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Paul Ricker