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Old research pages

I'm keeping these old research pages here for the benefit of anyone who might arrive here from an external page. They are no longer updated. Please visit my new web site at http://sipapu.astro.illinois.edu/~ricker/. Eventually some content from these pages will migrate to the new site.


Robustness of Cosmological Simulations I: Large Scale Structure
Heitmann, K., Ricker, P. M., Warren, M. S., and Habib, S. Ap. J. S. 160 28 (2005)

Large-Scale Simulations of Clusters of Galaxies
Ricker, P. M., Calder, A. C., Dursi, L. J., Fryxell, B., Lamb, D. Q., MacNeice, P., Olson, K., Rosner, R., Timmes, F. X., Truran, J. W., Tufo, H. M., and Zingale, M. in Proceedings of the VII International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research (ACAT 2000), P. C. Bhat and M. Kasemann, eds. (Melville, NY: AIP Press, 2001), 316

FLASH: An Adaptive-Mesh Hydrodynamics Code for Modeling Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes
Fryxell, B., Olson, K., Ricker, P., Timmes, F. X., Zingale, M., Lamb, D. Q., MacNeice, P., Rosner, R., Truran, J. W., and Tufo, H. Ap. J. S. 131 273 (2000)

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