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Old research pages

I'm keeping these old research pages here for the benefit of anyone who might arrive here from an external page. They are no longer updated. Please visit my new web site at http://sipapu.astro.illinois.edu/~ricker/. Eventually some content from these pages will migrate to the new site.


FLASH itself is available for download from the ASCI Flash Center. The FLASH code distribution includes a problem definition for the Zel'dovich pancake problem (pancake).

IDL routines useful for cosmological work with FLASH are listed below. Currently these routines are only available to collaborators, but we expect to make them public in the near future.

Documentation for each routine is provided through comments at the beginning of each file. Please consult them for current details on usage and features. Note that some of the routines require IDL routines from the fidlr2 package included with FLASH (see the FLASH user's guide for details).

The complete package of NCSA FLASH cosmology analysis routines is available as a gzip compressed tar file. Alternatively, you can download individual routines using the links below.

  • General-purpose routines

    • readtable.pro: Reads an ASCII space- or tab-delimited data file into a 2D array. Comments beginning with the pound character (#) are ignored.

  • Power spectrum estimation

    • power3d.pro: Generates the power spectrum of a uniformly gridded 3D dataset and bins it to form a 1D power spectrum. A Hanning filter can be applied, and the output can be returned in arrays suitable for further manipulation and/or printed in a tabular format suitable for reading with readtable.pro or plotting with other software such as gnuplot.
    • power3d_test.pro: A simple test routine for power3d.pro.
    • power3d_flash.idl: A simple IDL script showing how to read a FLASH HDF5 output file and merge a variable onto a uniform mesh using the IDL routines supplied with FLASH, then use power3d.pro to obtain the power spectrum.

  • Data reduction

    • amr_compute_function.pro: Compute an arbitrary function of mesh variables in a FLASH output file. The function to be computed must be written separately (see function_example.pro for an example) and passed in as an argument.

  • Queries

  • Plotting

    • amr_gray_slice.pro: Generate a colormap from a FLASH output file representing a 2D dataset or a slice from a 3D dataset. Slices must be parallel to coordinate planes. Requires fgrayscale.pro and fidlr2.
    • amr_vect_slice.pro: Generate a vector field plot from a FLASH output file representing a 2D dataset or a slice from a 3D dataset. Slices must be parallel to coordinate planes. Requires fvectorplot.pro and fidlr2.
    • amr_profile.pro: Generate a radial profile plot from a 1D, 2D, or 3D FLASH output file. Scatter plots and binned profiles can be generated; the profile data can be returned as arrays for further manipulation or written to an ASCII-format file that can be read by readtable.pro or plotted with other software such as gnuplot. Requires fidlr2.

last modified 09/01/16