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I'm keeping these old research pages here for the benefit of anyone who might arrive here from an external page. They are no longer updated. Please visit my new web site at http://sipapu.astro.illinois.edu/~ricker/. Eventually some content from these pages will migrate to the new site.

Test results

This page documents the results of standard cosmological test problems run with FLASH. We expect to add entries as new physics modules are developed. For FLASH verification and validation results on non-cosmological problems, consult the FLASH test gallery and the following papers:
On Validating an Astrophysical Simulation Code
Calder, A. C., Fryxell, B., Plewa, T., Rosner, R., Dupont, T., Kane, J. O., Robey, H. F., Remington, B. A., Drake, R. P., Dimonte, G., Zingale, M., Dursi, L. J., Timmes, F. X., Olson, K., Ricker, P., MacNeice, P., and Tufo, H. M. Ap. J. S. 143 201 (2002)

FLASH: An Adaptive-Mesh Hydrodynamics Code for Modeling Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes
Fryxell, B., Olson, K., Ricker, P., Timmes, F. X., Zingale, M., Lamb, D. Q., MacNeice, P., Rosner, R., Truran, J. W., and Tufo, H. Ap. J. S. 131 273 (2000)

Here are the available cosmological test results:

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